• Ultra-lightweight
  • Predictable material behavior
  • Non-biodegradable
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Geofoam Projects

A Modern Solution For Age-Old Problems

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) geofoam has been used throughout the world for over 30 years in applications where ultra-lightweight fill material has been specified for:

  • Site development on poor load-bearing foundation soils
  • Reduction of lateral pressure on vertical walls
  • Stress reduction on underground structures and/or utilities
  • Temperature control and/or frost protection

STYRO-FLEX EPS Geofoam provides cost-effective solutions where conventional construction methods have failed or shown substandard performance. Unlike traditional engineering and construction practices that work to resist the forces of nature, geofoam is designed to work with them. Geofoam's success derives from the fact that it is often more cost-effective to reduce the forces acting on a structure or foundation soil than it is to reinforce them to withstand the forces that would exist without geofoam substitution.

EPS Geofoam Advantages

  • Ultra-Lightweight: EPS Geofoam weighs only 1.00 – 2.00 lb/ft3, approximately 1% the density of soil or rock.
  • Reduced Construction Times: EPS geofoam construction is very fast, which is particularly beneficial with compressed project timelines.
  • Predictable Material Behavior: EPS geofoam is an engineered product, unlike other lightweight fill materials that can be variable in composition.
  • Non-Biodegradable: EPS geofoam physical properties will not degrade, assuring long-term performance in engineered geotechnical applications.
  • Inert: EPS geofoam will not leach into surrounding soils or groundwater and provides no nutritive value for plants or animals.

Geofoam Applications

STYRO-FLEX EPS Geofoam is a versatile material that provides innovative solutions to many common, and not so common, geotechnical challenges. A cost-effective alternative to traditional construction practices, EPS geofoam has documented benefits in the following applications:

  • Road Embankments
  • Bridge Approach Fill
  • Slope Stabilization
  • Earth Retaining Structures
  • Plaza Decks
  • Structural Foundations
  • Compressible Inclusions
  • Dikes/Berms/Levees
  • Landscape Fill
  • Insulation/Frost Protection

Note: Other engineered applications may also be appropriate for STYRO-FLEX EPS Geofoam.

Why Styrotech for your geofoam requirements?

Whether you are considering or are already specifying geofoam in your designs, give Styrotech a call and let us go to work for you. For over a decade we have produced geofoam for a variety of applications, both large and small. Our early commitment to geofoam technology has provided us with the background to help your projects proceed efficiently.

Experience: Styrotech has produced numerous geofoam projects, for both the private and public sectors, throughout the upper Midwest.

Knowledge: Styrotech employs people who are experts in the industry, many with over 25 years of experience, ready to work for you.

Capacity: Styrotech has one of the largest, state-of-the-art production facilities in the country, allowing us to meet geofoam requirements for even the largest projects.

Service: Styrotech takes a "hands on" approach with geofoam projects from start to finish.

Product Specifications

2340 - Soil Stabilization: STYRO-FLEX EPS Geofoam ultra-lightweight fill is used to reduce stresses on underlying soils, reduce lateral pressures on vertical walls and provide frost protection.

Technical Data

Creep Behavior of EPS Geofoam

Geofoam Applications and Technical Data

Geofoam Physical Properties ASTM D6817

Long Term Performance and Durability of EPS as a Lightweight Filling Material

UL Evaluation Report ER 13418