Geofoam Projects

Custom Fabricated Architectural Shapes

The versatility of STYRO-FLEX expanded polystyrene (EPS) is uniquely displayed in the shapes we create for use in Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS). Computer generated and custom fabricated columns, cornices, arches, quoins, keystones and custom moldings work in conjunction with flat panels to create the insulation base and architectural elements for use with all major coating systems.

Pre-Coated Architectural Shapes

Styrotech manufactures a complete line of factory base-coated bands and starter strips, and is capable of providing custom shapes upon request. Once cut to specification, our EPS foam core is covered with factory applied reinforcing mesh and high-strength base coat.

  • Labor savings significantly reduce installation times
  • Ease of use helps improve the finish quality of installations
  • Foam, mesh and base coat meet system manufacturers’ specifications
  • Local manufacturing delivers rapid turnaround on all orders, large and small

Technical Data

Styro-Flex Design Considerations

Styro-Flex Physical Properties ASTM C578

Styro-Flex Safety Data Sheet

UL Evaluation Report ER 13418

UL Flame Spread and Smoke Developed Data

UL Roof Deck Construction No. 458