• Resistant to mold
  • Resistant to mildew
  • Offers no nutritional value to plants, animals or bacteria
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Geofoam Projects

The Right Choice - From the Rooftop to the Foundation

STYRO-FLEX expanded polystyrene (EPS) has long been used as a mainstream insulation material for commercial and residential construction. It is a rigid, lightweight, closed-cell, foam plastic insulation that is highly resistant to moisture and will not degrade over time, making it ideal for above and below-grade applications. Over the past decade, EPS has been used in a variety of groundbreaking new construction applications, furthering its reputation as an innovative and versatile material.

Manufactured to ASTM C578 specifications, STYRO-FLEX EPS meets model building code standards when properly installed in commercial and residential assemblies. And with independent certification of manufacturing and quality standards by Underwriters Laboratories, you are assured of consistent quality with every order.

Performance You Can Count On

STYRO-FLEX EPS insulation's thermal resistance (R-Value) and durability are time-tested in roof, wall and below-grade applications where you demand their performance, not just in laboratory simulations that fail to subject insulation to the actual conditions encountered in building envelopes.

  • EPS is resistant to water absorption and maintains high R-Value retention during prolonged moisture exposure, as confirmed by independent testing.
  • EPS possesses superior dimensional stability to assure that your insulation envelope remains tight and energy efficient over the life of your project.
  • EPS will not rot or degrade over time, is resistant to mold and mildew and provides no nutritive value for plants, animals or bacteria.
  • EPS has a long history of successful applications, from the rooftop to the foundation, in commercial and residential designs.
  • EPS in-situ performance is documented by some of the nation's most respected independent testing facilities using code-accepted, standardized test procedures.

Your Best Insulation Value

STYRO-FLEX EPS offers the lowest unit cost per R-Value of any rigid insulation board and provides permanent high insulating values. Generate value up front in your designs with STYRO-FLEX EPS insulation.

R-Value: R means the resistance to heat flow; the higher the value the greater the insulating ability. This insulation must be installed properly to get the indicated R-Value. Follow manufacturer's instructions carefully.

Product Specifications

2340 - Soil Stabilization: STYRO-FLEX Geofoam ultra-lightweight fill is used to reduce stresses on underlying soils, reduce lateral pressures on vertical walls and provide frost protection.

6160 - Exterior Sheathing: STYRO-FLEX insulation is breathable, unlike other rigid insulations, to help prevent mold, mildew and dry rot as a result of excessive moisture in wall cavities.

7210 - Building Insulation: STYRO-FLEX insulation's dimensional stability, long-term thermal performance and resistance to moisture and decay make it ideal for perimeter foundation, exterior wall (including cavity wall) and on-grade sub-slab applications.

7220 - Roof Deck Insulation: STYRO-FLEX EPS roof insulation is available in tapered and flat panels and in a variety of slopes. Ideal for use in ballasted, mechanically fastened and fully-adhered roof assemblies, and under both membrane and built-up coverings.

7240 - Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems: STYRO-FLEX insulation's rigidity and resilience make it an ideal material for EIFS applications. Oven curing eliminates residual moisture and blowing agent to produce the most dimensionally stable product available.

Foundation Perimeter Insulation

Sub-Slab Insulation

Cavity Wall Insulation

Interior Wall Insulation

Exterior Wall Insulation

Technical Data

Styro-Flex Design Considerations

Styro-Flex Physical Properties ASTM C578

Styro-Flex Safety Data Sheet

UL Evaluation Report ER 13418

UL Flame Spread and Smoke Developed Data

UL Roof Deck Construction No. 458